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Bespoke designer jewelry

A diamond that’s rock solid.

A family business.

It’s in the diamond exchange in Belgium -1942 that our story begins. Starting with the patriarch of the family, it grows into a multigenerational flourishing success.

For the next 70 years, the family business continues and develops to other countries, occupying a place of honor in the Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv.

The family company is based on three principles: professionalism, Integrity and transparency. This has been our families hallmark since our inception and has earned us a sterling reputation internationally.

In the hands of an artist:

The construction of jewelry begins first with the vision. Inspiration that is turned by the artistic jeweler into a spectacular reality. 

Z.Beer has an extensive background in art and design. She possesses rare talent and is highly skilled with intricate handwork. Her art merges into the Beer familys longstanding jewelry business, bringing in her unique styles into the jewelry. This long time experience is the background for her exclusive bespoke diamond boutique. 

About Us:

Z.BEER is a boutique jewelers company. We design and manufacture luxury diamond jewelry customized to your preference. No longer will you have to give up on personal taste and compromise with store supply – because with us you can design any dream.

The jewelry design and manufacturing is done with meticulous attention to detail and design, high standards and the use of the most advanced technologies.

The process of acquiring your dream piece is special. Get ready for the unique boutique experience!

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The first step – meeting with the client.

In this meeting, we shall get to know you and help you articulate and visualize your dream piece. We will seek to understand your special flavor, and personal taste and your end goal in achieving a look that is truly you. We will choose the level of diamonds according to the budget that suits you.

Each stone is made up of four C’s. Carat, cut, clarity and color. You will be able to see the top quality diamonds chosen for your special piece. Each stone has a certificate that testifies to its authenticity, its source and quality.

At this point, you can also enjoy the advantage of buying the diamonds in the diamond exchange, directly from the consumer manufacturer. This will save you brokerage fees and commissioning fees common in the industry and will let you choose a higher value stone within your budget!

The next step – Your Jewelry design.

At this point, we draw your unique dream, building different examples and ideas, tailored to your desires.

The impression will be carried out in sketches and clear computerized 3D modeling software.

You will be able to browse and choose from the perfect selection built for you, the one special piece that speaks to your heart.

The final step – manufacturing and inset.

To produce the finished and perfect product, we work with the top professionals in the country. The process of manufacturing and embedding of the jewelry is done as stated; on an extremely high standard, using the most advanced technologies.

And so you get to wear jewelry with exclusive quality, superior design and of course personal taste. Your special piece includes a lifetime warranty which guarantees you for any breaks as well as necessary maintenance and renewal of your jewelry.

Your jewelry designed with art, professionalism and soul. A dream come true.

And what's your dream?