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This newcomer was launched in the last quarter of 2020 and the site quickly became popular with many players. The gaming site was previously known as Betamo Casino, but the site decided to reinvent everything, right down to the name, and renamed itself the much more versatile and better performing In this casino review, we take a look at the new page's offerings, from games to money transfers to payment methods to licenses, which means that every stone is carefully turned in the review process.

ML Entertainment Casino Limited is responsible for the casino experience and is the only casino site for this boutique gaming company. So at least the success of this new gaming site won't be affected by a lack of professional skills and experience!

General View of Betamo Casino

The overall look of the game site is really clean and clear, and there are no gimmicks or aspirations for features. Thus, all the world mascot symbols, flashing ads, and all other annoying nonsense are completely eliminated. This is a very good thing because Betamo Casino operates on the principle of PnP, i.e. dynamic fast play. Of course, this also means that games play a major role, and site speed and clarity are key.

In terms of fast play, it is a very good thing in itself that the site has no real theme at all. The fact is that with proper play, and especially with fast play, the rest of the extra points only get in the way! All the necessary information and information can be found on the page very easily and best of all without giving up the description of the page, the adjective is clear because Betamo Casino is very simple and functional in a good way.

For clarity, the page is very easy to navigate and there is no need to search for anything with cats and dogs. Site rules, terms and conditions, privacy policy, information, license information, and everything else can be found very easily at the bottom of the page, and all the information is presented in an exemplary way. Even with game selection, the adventure is clear and easy, so Betamo Casino definitely deserves a full score and a parrot mark for its appearance.

What can you play at Betamo Casino?

However, you can't go far on good looks if the content and offerings aren't also at the expected high level. The quantity and quality of the games are very important, because, without good games, a beautiful casino isn't much fun for the player. Games are important, and fortunately, Betamo Casino fulfills the wishes of even the most demanding player in terms of game selection, because there are plenty of games on the market, and they are first class good and quality!

All sorts of familiar games are available, which means you'll find the hottest and most popular slots, the most exciting jackpot games, Betamo Casino slot machines, scratch cards, table, and card games, live casino games, and much more in quality gaming library of the site! The list of game manufacturers is also impressive, as there are games from top-notch gaming companies such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play'n GO, Evolution Gaming, and many other top-tier gaming houses.

Sorting through the games on this casino site is exceptionally easy and convenient, as the games are well divided into different categories. In addition to this, of course, there is also a functional and easy-to-use search function that you can use to search for your favorite games from Betamo Casino's wide selection. There's also a drop-down menu through which you can conveniently browse through each game manufacturer's games. New and popular games are also divided into their own categories, and there is a "recommended for you" category customized for each casino customer.

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